Graciete was born in the Algarve, Portugal and worked since 2001 in a reputable property law firm based in the Algarve, mainly on property investment, assist and representing clients investing on real estate in Portugal, where she became the head of the Portugal department while the law firm expanded to other countries.

In 2008 she decided to open her own practice and to expand for more active areas in order that she could provide for wider services but keeping her main area of action as the property conveyance.

In the beginning of 2011, Graciete was been invited to join a new group of independent lawyers in Portugal who have joined to open a new and ambitious law office in the Algarve area.

 Her main aim is to provide for a high standard law office services which cover most of the main legal areas: family, commercial and corporate law, private investment, litigation and dispute resolution, criminal, employment, etc.

During these years she learned how to contact with many different people with different ambitions and understands that it is of high importance not to lack on professionalism and high quality services.

In 2009, Graciete became the Portuguese master key to the Chamber of International Lawyers with whom she works since that year.


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